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Breakfast Before Bible Study


In October of 2017 Elizabeth Howard decided we could all benefit from a time of food and fellowship
before the Sunday morning Bible Study classes begin.

So, she enlisted the help of her husband Hayes Howard and the ever ready Doug Daze, both well known master chef's at Holy Trinity.

At 8:15 am -- the week after huricane Irma hit in late September -- Elizabeth had everything in place and began serving now the now famous French Toast with all the great stuff that makes up a hearty Sunday morning breakfast.  

Everyone had a liesurly 45 minutes to eat, wake up, and get ready for their respective Sunday School classes.  See you next Sunday at the kitchen table!

This was a big hit and we're promised it will continue until it becomes an expected weekly tradition at Holy Trinity.

Schedule: Breakfast begins at 8:15 am in Trinity Hall and continues until 8:50 am.  Then everyone shuffels off to their Sunday School classrooms.