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Adult Bible Study

HTAC Bible Picture 04 05 2016

Adult Bible Study at Holy Trinity is one of our most fun and rewarding experiences. Each Sunday at 9:00 AM sharp we meet in the Education Center to participate in Bible Study prepared by various, well studied, and mature teachers from within our congregation. The room is always packed with interested, engaged, and wise members of the congregation. Join us for coffee, fellowship, and in-depth study of God’s Word.

The Adult Bible Study is currently focusing on the book of Isaiah. You can follow along by downloading the study materials below.

Isaiah: An Introduction Notes

Isaiah: Where is it quoted in the New Testament?

Isaiah Lesson 1 Study Guide

Isaiah Lesson 1 Notes

Isaiah Lesson 2 Study Guide

Isaiah Lesson 2

Outline Isaiah 1:21-33

Isaiah Lesson 3 Study Guide

Isaiah Lesson 3 Leader Notes

Isaiah Lesson 3 Digging Further

Isaiah Lesson 4 Study Guide

Isaiah Lesson 4 Leader Notes

Isaiah Lesson 5 Study Guide

Wrestling with Isaiah 4:2 “The Branch of the Lord"

Isaiah Lesson 5 Leader Notes

Isaiah Lesson 6 Study Guide

Isaiah Lesson 7 Study Guide

Isaiah Lesson 8a - Study Guide